40 cleaning tricks for those who hate to waste time cleaning

Check out the specialist’s tips to make it easier to clean your home, making the activity more practical.

Keeping a house clean and organized is not an easy task. Especially for those who are not used to or do not “sympathize” with a domestic care routine.

Although we do not perform the cleaning of the house on a daily basis, when separating time to perform this feat, we do not wish to spend long days performing these tasks considered boring and unpleasant.

To make the cleaning of your home easier, there are some tricks that make the cleaning much more pleasant, which facilitate and increase productivity in hateful moments like this.

“Keep your home with furniture that ensures the circulation of space. The accumulation of these objects, besides visually polluting, makes maintenance difficult and facilitates the proliferation of mites and fungi, known to cause allergies. Today’s trends in Decoration Architecture stand out for a clean environment. So remember: less is more”.

Aiming to facilitate the cleaning of your home, without wasting time, making this moment easier, practical and even pleasant, check out more tips and tricks of the personal organizer that will help to modify your domestic routine:

In the kitchen

cleaning kitchen in jersey city
  1. clean very dirty pans or with burn marks by adding water with a cup of white vinegar. Take to the fire until the mixture boils and add two tablespoons of baking soda. Empty the pan and wash it rubbing lightly to remove the burn marks.
  2. To quickly clean the microwave, use a lemon cut in half and place in a glass of water. Turn on the microwave until the water begins to boil. Once this is done, turn off the microwave and let the glass rest for a minute before removing it. This will make the fat come out easily by wiping it inside.
  3. Simplify the cleaning of the blender only by adding water and detergent after use. Turn it on for a few seconds and just rinse.
  1. To clean a coffee grinder, place raw rice beans inside. This will make old smells disappear. To clean, “grind” a tablespoon of baking soda and clean well.
  2. To clean a very dirty oven, put a bowl with half a glass of ammonia and let it rest during the night. When you wake up, clean normally the inside of your oven.
  3. Do you wish to remove the marks left by excessive use of the coffee maker? Add equal parts of water and vinegar inside the jug, turn the coffee maker on until the middle of the cycle and let it rest. After one hour, turn it on again and let the cycle repeat itself. Then, make two more cycles only with water, to avoid any unpleasant taste or aroma.
cleaning kitchen in new jersey
  1. Do you have silver utensils? To clean them, put them in a bowl lined with aluminum foil, add boiling water, half a glass of salt and half a glass of baking soda. Let them rest for 30 minutes and rinse normally.
  2. To clean the grill or sandwich bowl, at the end of use, place two sheets of damp paper towels inside and close it. The heat coming from the use will make the dirt easier to stick to the paper. Then open it and clean the rest of the dirt also with paper towel.
  3. If you want to ensure that the dishwashing sponge is germ-free, put it still wet in the microwave and turn on at high power for two minutes. This process kills about 99% of the germs present in it.
cleaning broken glass in jersey city
  1. Broke a glass or glass container? Ensure your safety and avoid getting hurt by picking up the pieces using a slice of bread.
  2. Clean the stove burners easily. Put them in a plastic bag with ΒΌ of ammonia glass, seal the bag and let them rest during the night. Now just wash them normally with a sponge and the dirt will come out without problems.
  1. Use a halved onion to help remove the remains that stick to the grill after cooking. Just rub it all over the grill and the leftovers will easily come out.
  2. To clean the cutting board without leaving traces of chemicals or odors, use coarse salt and lemon rubbing them over its entire length and rinsing later.

In the bathroom

cleaning batchroom in jersey city
  1. If free from the accumulation of dirt from the tap or shower register with the help of a lemon. Just rub it around and the dirt will come out easily.
  2. Clean the grout of the tiles with a mixture of water with baking soda, making a paste and applying it with the help of an old toothbrush.
  1. “To disinfect the bathrooms and kitchen and sinks, after washing the floor on the countertops as usual, prepare a solution of sanitary water, the water in the proportion of one liter, for two tablespoons of sanitary water, apply and let it act for 15 minutes,” indicates the personal organizer.
  2. To avoid water stains in the box, apply a thin layer of car wax on its entire length and let it dry for a few minutes. The role of the wax is to isolate the glass from the water, avoiding the stains.
  3. Clean the outside of the toilet with hot water, baking soda and a soft cloth. This mixture will help to eliminate odors and bacteria from this area, leaving it cleaner.
  4. For the inside of the toilet, the ideal is to use sanitary water and using a dowel to clean the sides of the toilet. To rinse, just flush it. Remember to use disposable gloves to perform this procedure.

At home in general

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  1. If you have a cat or dog as a domestic animal, make it easy to clean the carpet or carpet by passing a squeegee along its entire length. This way the hair will come out easily.
  2. “The ideal way to keep your books organized is by literary style or by author. Buy colored adhesive labels in a stationery store, they should be small. Identify each literary style or author with a color, then create an index or caption corresponding to each color with literary style/ author. This way when you consult the index you know exactly which group the book you are looking for is in, Helo teaches.
  3. Another option to get rid of dog or cat hair from carpets and upholstery is to use a rubber glove. Just put it on and pass your hand over the dirty place that the hair will stick to.
  4. To clean books, the professional guides to pass through the whole surface of the book with 70% alcohol gel. Sprinkle baking soda between the pages. “This will avoid fungus and possible allergies”, she explains.
  5. To remove cup marks or moisture in wooden furniture, absorb the excess moisture with a towel and use a hair dryer to finish with the rest of the moisture until the stain comes out.
  6. Avoid leaking garbage bags by adding newspaper leaves to the garbage can. This way the garbage can not get dirty and the newspapers can be discarded later.
  7. “To clean porcelain tiles the ideal is neutral detergent. Any other product can leave stains”, informs Helo.
  8. Does it have a ceiling fan? Then use an old t-shirt to clean it, “wearing” each shovel at once. This will prevent the dirt from spreading all over the environment.
  1. Easily clean the blinds wrapping the hand with a clean stocking and cleaning with the same proportion of water and white vinegar.
  2. To clean grout, the professional orientates to use a lemon juice gruel with bicarbonate. Let it act and rub with a hard bristle brush.
  3. To clean the mattress, spray with the help of a vodka spray in all its extension. The alcohol will kill the bacteria-causing odor and evaporate quickly.
  4. Get rid of scratches on leather furniture by using a shoe polisher and applying it in damaged places.
  5. Use coffee filters to clean TV screens, monitors or other screens in your home.

In the laundry room

deep cleaning
  1. To help dry shoes and sneakers wet from the rain, put newspaper leaves or even a sachet with rice grains inside them. These elements help absorb moisture, accelerating the drying process of shoes.
  2. To remove blood stains correctly, they should be removed with oxygenated water volume 10 liquid. If you find the volume 20 version, better, but it needs to be the liquid to speed up the process. Put a good amount in the spotted place and let it act for a few minutes. Put a little powder soap and boiling water, rub and wash normally,” guides the personal organizer.
  1. Remove grease stains from clothes by applying talc to stains. Wait a few minutes to absorb grease and rub a cloth to remove the dirt.
  2. Do you have lipstick stains on your clothes? Apply hair fixative spray on them, let it rest for 10 minutes, wipe a damp cloth over the stain and wash your clothes normally.
  3. Give preference to liquid soaps to wash clothes, because they dissolve in water not accumulating in the clothes. For dark clothes, use soaps suitable for dark clothes, they keep the color alive for longer”, advises the personal organizer.
  1. To remove coffee marks from the tablecloth, rub baking soda with a little water that will come out without delay.
  2. “The softener also works with an anti-mold. That’s why you don’t need to buy specific products to iron. On the sprayer put water and a little bit of softener, besides perfuming a little more it will work as anti-mold”, proposes Helo.
  3. “Stay alert for the level of soap. Excess soap spoils both the machine and the clothes. Clothes that come out of the machine with a lot of soap smell, surely the amount was exaggerated. And also cause allergies, alert the personal organizer.

Using these tips, cleaning the house becomes a more practical and easy task. Always remembering that the best way to facilitate the moment of cleaning is to focus on preventing possible forms of dirt accumulation.