Company that cleans sofa: the BEST solution on the market!

Have you been thinking about hiring a company that cleans sofa, but still have doubts about the procedure, price or who to trust?

Don’t worry, we will explain you everything you need to know about professional upholstery cleaning. Understand how the procedure is performed, how much it costs, the benefits and the care you should have when hiring a specialized company.

At the end of the post, you will know everything about professional couch sanitizing and how to completely get rid of the dirt on your home furniture!

Why sanitize upholstered furniture?

Have you ever thought if one day you just stopped cleaning your house? Just try to imagine for a moment abandoning household chores and relaxing.

The idea seems good, until you notice the dirt and dust that accumulates in the rooms after a few weeks.

Now, what if this lack of care extended for months, who knows even for years without cleaning the house?

Of course, it would be terrible to live in a place like this. Not to mention that a dirty environment becomes very dangerous for those who have children at home or live with allergies and respiratory problems.

But even if you worry about keeping up with the cleaning, do your upholstery also receive the same care?

Try to remember when was the last time you performed the couch washing. Just like the rest of the house, the furniture also needs to undergo periodic cleaning. Not only do they attract dirt, dust, and get a bad smell over time, dirty upholstery also threatens your family’s health.

Studies show that up to 40,000 dust mites are found in every gram of dust, which can cause rhinitis and even asthma attacks (allergic bronchitis).

For this reason, it is necessary to have extra attention when cleaning the house, since the mites live in very diverse environments, mainly on sofas, chairs, car seats, mattresses and stuffed animals.

Home sofa cleaning x professional sanitizing

Of course, for simpler sanitations, such as removing dust and small stains, you can use home made solutions.

Even here on Mr. Cleaning Services blog, we bring you great tips for cleaning upholstery with products you already have at home. However, a professional periodic cleaning is extremely necessary.

How to do dry cleaning on the sofa?

Do you have any doubts on how to do dry cleaning on sofa? Using a vacuum cleaner helps a lot to keep the furniture clean. You can also count on vinegar and bicarbonate on the sofa. Did you know that? They are good ingredients against dirt. We have even prepared a tip that teaches you how to create some mixes to clean the sofa.

Empresa que limpa sofá

Making this regular cleaning by yourself is important to keep the house clean. However, this is not always the best solution to your problem, since cleaning is superficial and will not be totally effective if the sofa is very dirty.

That’s why hiring a company that cleans sofa deeply is the most recommended. The professionals of this area have the right products, which guarantee the quality of the cleaning, in a safe way, fast and without spoiling the fabric.

Besides, each type of fabric needs a special care and some products used in a wrong way can even damage your furniture.

Company that cleans sofa: why hire Mr. Cleaning Services?

If you are looking for a company that cleans sofa nationally recognized, with experienced professionals, who give you all kinds of guarantees and assistance, then Mr. Cleaning Services is what you are looking for!

She works in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Distrito Federal and Paraná, serving more than 150 cities in these regions.

The company invests in technology, making a point of providing services with specialized equipment and the latest generation, using Italian machinery and products for this type of cleaning, approved by Anvisa and the Ministry of Health.

The team, highly qualified, provides impeccable services to the residential, business, automotive, air and sea environment. The clients can request the services through the Online Store, make the appointment and that’s it! Just wait for the technician, highly qualified, to go to the location on the day and time desired.

Benefits of Mr. Cleaning Services upholstery hygienization

Mr. Cleaning Services cleaning is indicated for all kinds of upholstery, being the best solution for a complete and deep tissue hygiene.

If your home is that mess after a construction site or you want to recover the original state of the fabric, the process is ideal to eliminate completely the dirt, stains and odors of the upholstery.

Remember there was a time when people needed to go to the laundries to clean carpets and furniture?

This was left behind, as the company works b. The upholstery cleaning services are done at your own home, without the headache of having to remove the dirty items from the house.

To perform the service, the technician guarantees the use of first line materials and special care to ensure that floors, appliances or decorations do not suffer any kind of damage during the cleaning of upholstery.

This type of washing uses a small amount of water in the process and leaves you and your family free of dirt and allergic threats.

What is included in the service?

When hiring the sofa cleaning, the technician goes to your home and sprays the specialized cleaning products on the upholstery, which will act deeply on the fabric, detaching even the thickest dirt and difficult to remove.

After this procedure, it is made the vacuum extraction of all the dirt, mites, fungi and bacteria of the sofa. Leaving it completely clean!

If your sofa is made of leather it is also performed the hydration of the material, which uses UV protection products (ultraviolet) to avoid sunburn and increase the durability of the leather.

If your doubt is how to clean and waterproof a sofa, you can count on the procedures of Mr. Cleaning Services!

As an addition to the washing process, it is possible to perform the waterproofing of sofa

to avoid the penetration of liquids and stains caused by beverages. In addition, with this procedure, the upholstery is also protected against dust and sunburn.

How is the sofa washing done?

Our technicians go to the place and apply our exclusive product on the furniture. With a soft brush, they rub the upholstery for better penetration into the fabric fibers. The excess is removed with a vacuum extractor. The cleaning service of a simple sofa lasts between 40 min to 1 hour and a half, depending on the fabric and the state of conservation of the furniture. The upholstery can be used between 8 and 12 hours, without getting soaked, stained or with bad smell. And you don’t have to worry, the washing can be done regardless of the weather!

Is there a guarantee for the sanitization of upholstered furniture?

With Mr. Cleaning Services, the customer has a satisfaction guarantee! If in up to 7 days you don’t like the cleaning result, the service can be remade (at no additional cost) until you are happy with the result.

How much does a sofa cleaning cost?

The price of sofa cleaning changes according to your city and model. The cleaning of sofa of 3 common places, for example, can vary between $40,00 to $90,00.

The price is linked to the number of places and the type of sofa (retractable, bed, chaise, common), so if you want to know exactly the cleaning of sofa price, you can access the Online Store of Mr. Cleaning Services and make the simulation totally free.

Other services from Mr. Cleaning Services

The sofas aren’t the only items in the house that need care, are they? That’s why the company offers other upholstery sanitizing solutions.

Professional cleaning is also recommended for carpets, rugs, chairs, mattresses and can even be done inside vehicles.
Another service performed by Mr. Cleaning Services is the upholstery waterproofing, which protects the fabric against liquids, dust and sunburn.