How do you clean suede out of jacket, sofa, shoe and purse? Look!

Suede is a material that leaves any sophisticated piece. Whether on the sofa, clothes or accessories, suede always gives a touch of style. However, whenever we need to clean our products comes the question: how to clean suede without spoiling the fabric?

Keep an eye on the tips we’ll show you, how to do the cleaning yourself at home, and how it’s done with a professional company. Also, learn what care you should take in your day to day to keep your suede pieces.

What is suede?

Suede is a type of leather, but much more fragile than traditional.

Originally, the material came from the treatment given to the suede leather, an animal that resembles a goat, also known as the Alpine mountain goat.

However, as time went by, the concept of suede became popular, referring to every polishing effect, with a soft result, made on the inner part of the leather taken from any animal.

The polishing made in the external part of the leather, with soft result, is called “nobuck”, also very used in bags and shoes. Like suede, it is also important to understand how to clean nobuck shoes, which requires special care.

Suede is such a soft fabric that it is now widely used in the manufacture of sofas, armchairs, cushions and other upholstered pieces of decoration.

In addition, as it is a fabric that helps to warm up, fashion designers invest in models of suede clothing for the winter, such as jackets, boots, blouses and other pieces.

Despite all the qualities of beauty and softness, suede is a very delicate fabric, which stains easily and should be avoided to wash with water. So, how to clean suede, how to clean suede shoes, how to clean suede sandals without damaging them? These are questions you can ask yourself.

And, remember! Before doing any kind of cleaning yourself, test the method on a hidden area of the material. That way, in case the fabric doesn’t react well, you just stop the cleaning.

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How to clean suede shoes, jackets and accessories

Let’s start with cleaning smaller suede objects, which are easier to get dirty. In general, suede is used in jackets, bags, shoes and other garments.

Therefore, as we use a lot, it is common to get dirty with dust, mud, food and drinks.

Let’s see tips focused on how to clean suede boots, how to wash suede shoes, how to clean suede bags and accessories in general.

However, because it is a delicate fabric, we should take some care not to damage it or fade the piece. There are some ways for you to clean the suede at home. Take a look:

How to wash suede: Brushing

Use a brush for cleaning suede and nobuck with soft bristles;
Start by brushing your accessories to remove possible dirt residue from the surface;

Always brush in the same direction as the fabric fiber.

1. How to clean suede with conditioner and little water

  • Mix two tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of white hair conditioner;
  • Moisten a cloth with the mixture and pass gently through the piece, always in the direction of the fiber;
  • Leave to act for 10 minutes and then wipe with a lightly moistened clean cloth to remove the excess; Let it dry naturally.

Bonus tip: The conditioner, besides cleaning, helps to hydrate the suede and keep it looking like new for longer.

2. Steam cleaning

This type of cleaning is best suited for jackets, but should be avoided. Do it only if the jacket is very dirty, as we indicate the excess water is not good for the material:

  • During the hot bath, hang the jacket in the bathroom;
  • Brush it with the appropriate brush;
  • Again, let it dry naturally.

3. To remove oil stains

If any oily substance falls on your part, it will cause a stain that is difficult to remove. However, a tip is to apply a thin layer of cornmeal to the piece and let it act for a few hours. And if possible, let it act all night long.

The cornmeal will absorb the stains. Incredible, isn’t it? Finish the cleaning with the suede brush.

4. How to clean suede sofa

Now that you’ve learned how to clean suede in smaller objects, let’s go to the next tip.

Because it’s large, the sofa is the object of suede that people have the most difficulty, in general, to know how to clean.

The sofa is a piece of furniture that we use almost every day at home. Whether it is to watch TV, rest, gather friends and family, and so it is common that the dirt of everyday life is passed to the fabric.

But there’s no need to worry. We’ll teach you a way to keep your couch clean at all times, without spending too much. Follow the step-by-step below:

  • Dust using a soft bristle brush once a week. This will remove the most superficial dust, as well as food residue and crumbs. Remember to always brush towards the fabric so as not to damage it;
  • If it is very dusty, use a vacuum cleaner gently to help clean it;
  • Do not use chemicals as they may stain your sofa;
  • Make a mixture of two tablespoons of detergent or neutral soap in 1 liter of water. Moisten a microfiber cloth (without soaking it) and wipe it all over the fabric, in the direction of the fiber;
  • Let it dry naturally.

Waterproof your suede sofa

One of the best ways to protect and preserve the suede sofa is by waterproofing the upholstery.

By applying a spray-proofing product over the entire length of the sofa, the fabric will not absorb liquids and oily solutions and will be more resistant to damage caused by sun and heat.

Therefore, the waterproofing is able to prevent stains caused by liquids, the development of stains caused by mold, mildew and early fading. The procedure is ideal to increase the lifetime of the suede, freeing it from potentially irreversible damage and facilitating its daily cleaning.

Protect and conserve your suede objects

The best way to keep your clothes, purses and suede shoes clean is not to let them get dirty for too long or accumulate stains.

Here are four tips to help you protect your suede pieces:

Use a suede waterproofing agent

In addition to the sofa waterproofing that you can contract with specialized companies, you can use a similar product in less volume for your clothes and accessories.

In most shoe stores you will find waterproofing products in spray to protect the suede. They act as a barrier against dirt and water stains.

The ideal is to apply the product before using your suede accessories for the first time and then reapply it always as the final touch of each cleaning.

Don’t forget that although these products reduce the accumulation of dirt, they don’t completely prevent it.

Keep the material dry

The suede’s greatest enemy is water. It stains the material, making it darker.

Therefore, avoid puddles of water and always consult the weather forecast before leaving home. If the forecast is for rain, prefer to use pieces of other material.

See how silica gel can help get rid of moisture!

Store parts properly

When you are not wearing your suede pieces, store them carefully and properly. Do not store them in places that tend to accumulate moisture, such as attics, garages or stuffy cabinets.

One tip is to use anti-mist products and dehumidifiers inside cabinets or closets to suck the moisture out of the environment.

Transport the suede safely

If you are packing and need to put a piece of suede, do not put it in plastic bags or any other type of waterproof material. This will make the suede sweat. Instead, use a cloth bag or pillowcase.

Count on the help of a professional

We already know that suede is a delicate, fragile and often expensive material. That’s why it’s important that we value the protection of the pieces, so we can use them for longer.

Therefore, the best solution to preserve your suede sofa is to invest in professional cleaning and waterproofing services:

We are specialize in these services and washes your sofa through a process called dry cleaning. This ensures that the couch is in perfect condition once cleaned. But we recommend that you first do the professional cleaning and then waterproof the fabric already cleaned and free of dirt.

In addition to cleaning the suede sofa, we also do the waterproofing, so that the furniture and products are preserved and with the original look for longer. The service is recommended for this type of fabric, because specific and highly safe products are used, who maintains the original texture of suede.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a highly specialized team, we wash sofas, armchairs, carpets, blinds, chairs, mattresses and other upholstered materials.

All this with speed, safety and quality assurance, proven by our customers.

Our goal is to provide families and companies with well-being and convenience through excellent cleaning services, meeting the high quality standards you demand.