How to clean baby’s room: 10 EASY and PRACTICAL tips!

How to clean baby's room

Have you ever stopped to think that the health of babies and children is influenced by their environment? Today we will teach you how to clean baby rooms using the right methods and products. Learn in this post how to create practical and effective habits to get rid of dirt and dust from the whole room, in addition to leaving the house cleaner and free of harmful agents to health.

Why clean baby’s room?

How to clean baby's room: crib, armchair and teddy bear

Many people make the mistake of thinking that cleaning is done just to make the environment more beautiful and pleasant.

But, in fact, dirt is not the biggest problem to be tackled.

Our eyes are not able to see the real threat, but we know that it causes a lot of allergies and lung diseases.

Do you know who I’m talking about? That’s right: the mites!

According to experts, up to 40,000 dust mites can be found in every ounce of dust! These microorganisms cause various allergies and respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, asthma and even dermatitis.

That’s why knowing the right way to clean a nursery is so important!

How to clean baby’s room?

Caring for a newborn baby is certainly one of the greatest challenges in the lives of parents. Within so many concerns, the child’s comfort and well-being are priorities.

That’s why housekeeping should be at the top of the list!

Start by analyzing how often you need to clean, according to the time available and the availability of each person in the house.

If the need for cleaning is constant, the first tip is to create the habit of cleaning and organize a calendar to sanitize each room correctly.

What products to use to clean baby’s room?

The question: “Is the smell of cleaning product bad for baby?” is very common. As you already know, babies and children are very sensitive to chemicals.

Also, they always carry objects in their mouths and other materials. That’s why the environment, toys and other objects must be clean and free of toxic waste. Don’t forget your clothes! There are products of their own that are better suited to wash them in the correct way.

Strong smells or substances in contact with the skin can cause severe allergic reactions.

So be careful with cleaning products you use at home!
When assembling your “baby room cleaning kit” follow these tips:

  • Choose neutral, odourless products so as not to cause irritation;
  • Be careful with products that contain attractive packaging and may arouse the interest of children;
  • Check packaging labels, be aware of warnings and substances harmful to health.

Attention: dust is bad for babies!

Did you know that for every ounce of dust, there are 100 mites? That’s why getting rid of dust and dirt is essential!

The vacuum cleaner can be your best helper these hours. Don’t forget to remove dust from furniture, curtains, toys and carpets in the bedroom.

How to clean baby's room with vacuum cleaner

If you do not have this equipment, use the good old clean cloth or duster. Don’t forget to clean the floor with a cloth (water and soap) daily.

How to sanitize crib kit

It is very important to take care of the little corner where the baby sleeps. After all, not only the mattress, but also the sheets and pillows, shelter a large portion of mites.

If you’re wondering “how soon should I wash the cradle protector” or “when should I clean the mattress”, don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to do it in a simple way.

First, try changing your bedding and pillows at least twice a week.

To sanitize the crib kit it’s simple: make a mixture with warm water and alcohol vinegar. With a sprayer and a clean cloth, spread and clean the entire surface of the mattress and pillows.

If you need to remove any stain, include some baking soda in the solution. To fight dust, remember the previous tip: use a vacuum cleaner!

We’ve separeted how to remove poop stain

Are the rugs and carpets in order?

A carpet can accumulate thousands of mites and bacteria, especially with the presence of pets inside the home.

So, more than passing the vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to perform a deep cleaning, with professionals in the area, at least once a year.

How to clean toys and stuffed animals

How to clean toys and stuffed animals

Toys accompany the child everywhere, so be careful that they are not the source of dirt in the room.

All toys, whatever the material, should be washed frequently with soap and water. This way they do not affect your child’s health.

How to clean white baby room furniture

How to clean white baby room furniture

The best way to clean the furniture is to use a damp cloth. If necessary, you can also use a little liquid soap, preferably neutral, to remove those dirt that is more difficult to remove.

How to clean baby clothes

To clean the baby wardrobe, the first step is to empty the furniture! Remove all clothes and objects from inside the furniture.

You can use the vacuum cleaner one more time or simply use a damp cloth to remove the dirt. Or use a neutral detergent to ensure a more efficient result.

But don’t forget: organization is everything! Keep the cabinet always in order.

How to clean baby drawers

Clean the drawers with a damp cloth and neutral detergent as in the previous example.

To ensure a better result, you can use a few drops of white vinegar or alcohol on the cloth.

Never forget to rub the drawers and shelves very well. Then just wipe them with a dry cloth and leave the drawers outside to dry.

Don’t forget the Baby-comfort and baby stroller!

Baby-comfort and stroller are carried everywhere. That’s why they accumulate so much dirt, that they end up being taken into the house too.

To sanitize these items, use an alcohol swab and rub it all over the upholstered and metal parts.

But even though it eliminates some of the dirt, this cleaning is only superficial.


Decoration is the key to ensuring your child’s health and well-being. Try not to accumulate toys and other objects that need regular cleaning.

Choose a simple decoration, this is the key to not accumulate dirt and dust in the room!

How to clean a baby’s room professionally

If you want an effective and thorough cleaning for the baby’s room, then you can be sure that the best option is to count on the help of professionals!

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