How to clean mattress: step by step + 16 INFALLIBLE tips

Learning to clean your mattress and investing in complete hygiene is important to ensure the quality of sleep, in addition to your physical health, after all, we sleep on average eight hours a night, or a third of the day. In addition, it is necessary to remember that care needs to be redoubled to prevent allergic crises and respiratory diseases caused by the accumulation of mites, easily found in humid environments such as bedding, mattresses, pillows and covers.

So, we will show you step by step how to clean your mattress, besides 16 more than amazing tips. Don’t let it check!

How to clean mattress
Care for the quality of your sleep, clean your mattress periodically.

Importance of cleaning the mattress

Cleaning and sanitizing the mattress is very necessary, and may even seem difficult and complicated, but it can be done simply at home.

You certainly have numerous ingredients and products that effectively clean your mattress, but it is important to note that for a thorough cleaning, which is guaranteed the removal of mites and fungi present, it is worth hiring a specialized company, where the products will be specific to the cleaning and will not attack the surface of your mattress.

Tips for Cleaning Mattresses and Bedding

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s not just the mattress that should be sanitized. Bed linen also deserves attention in special situations, as we will speak now.

1. How to clean a musty mattress?

The first step to cleaning a musty mattress is to put it in the sun. Then clean the mattress with a sponge using a solution with 5 drops of melaleuca oil and a bucket of warm water. Wet the sponge in this mixture and pass it over the mattress with the sponge. When you are done, put the mattress in the sun again.

2. How to smell urine on mattresses?

To get the urine smell out of a mattress you’ll need it:

  • Sodium bicarbonate;
  • white vinegar;
  • water;
  • Hair dryer.

The first step is to add a measure of baking soda to the urine, leaving it to act for about two hours, removing it with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

After that, make a mixture with the water and the white vinegar, spraying and letting it act for another 30 minutes. To speed up the drying process it is possible to use the dryer at a safe enough distance not to burn the mattress.

3. How to clean a foam mattress?

Foam mattresses are very sensitive, so the first thing to keep in mind is: avoid using water directly, always opt for a sprayer, the chances of soaking the foam are lower.

To clean a foam mattress you will need vinegar or baking soda. Mix them with clean water. Then spray the chosen mixture over the mattress and let it act for 5 minutes. After this period, simply wipe with a clean cloth, in quick movements from top to bottom, instead of circular movements.

4. How to clean old mattress?

To clean an old mattress, the best suggestion is to start by leaving the mattress in the sun all day long. Then mix a glass of warm water plus half a glass of alcohol vinegar and 3 spoons of baking soda and apply it to the old mattress with the use of a sprayer. Spread with the help of a clean cloth. As a special touch, it is possible to spray some essential oil of your preference, such as lavender oil, for example.

5. How to clean pillowcases and sheets?

Like the mattress, it is also important to sanitize pillowcases and sheets.

It is recommended that bed linen is changed at least once a week, avoiding the accumulation of dust and mites. But if your sheets or pillowcases are dirty it is possible to sanitize them with the following recipe:

  • A lemon;
  • ½ cup of alcohol vinegar;
  • 1 liter of water.

Begin by boiling the water with the lemon and vinegar in a large saucepan, when boiling put the pillowcases and sheets in sauce for about an hour. Then take them out and place them in the machine to wash normally. Your pillowcases and sheets will be fully sanitized.

6. How to eliminate unwanted odors from the mattress?

Due to constant use, the mattress can gain some unwanted odors, such as the smell of sweat, cigarette or mold, for example. To stop this kind of odor the tip is to apply some citrus-based product. Let it dry well and remove the excess with a vacuum cleaner.

Learn how to clean mattress with 7 home recipes

How to clean mattress
How to clean mattress following practical tips.

There are several homemade ways to clean the mattress, we will now show you the best 7.

1. How to clean the mattress with vinegar?

Vinegar is great for removing stains and stronger smell. Therefore, it can be part of the following recipe:

  • ½ for alcohol vinegar (white);
  • 3 tablespoons of oxygenated water 10 volumes;
  • ½ of sodium bicaborinate;
  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Sieve;
  • Sponge;
  • Spray glass.

Start by moistening the sponge in oxygenated water by rubbing all the stains, then wipe with water.

Then sprinkle the bicarbonate over the mattress with the sieve, then spray the vinegar over it until it forms a foam, let this foam act for about an hour. Finally, with a vacuum cleaner, remove the bicarbonate dust.

Don’t worry about the strong smell of vinegar, it comes out after the mattress dries.

2. How do you clean mattresses with oxygenated water and bicarbonate?

Using hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate is cool to clean that dirty mattress. So you’ll need it:

  • 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate;
  • 250 ml of hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes;
  • Liquid soap for clothes, a couple of drops;
  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Brush and cloth.

Start by mixing the baking soda, with the liquid soap and the hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes, and place it in a sprayer. Shake well and apply the solution over the entire mattress leaving it to dry naturally for 2 to 3 hours. Once dry, remove the bicarbonate with the vacuum cleaner.

3. How do you clean baking soda mattress?

Dirty mattress is a really uncomfortable thing. But you can only clean it with bicarbonate.

In this case, just heat 1 liter of water and dilute 3 tablespoons of bicarbonate, placing this mixture in a sprayer, and applying it on the most dreary places. Then with the help of a clean cloth, just make horizontal movements, until the dirt disappears.

4. How do you clean a greasy mattress with bicarbonate and vinegar?

Here, we will make another basic mixture to clean the dirty mattress with bicarbonate and vinegar. Make a note of that:

  • 500 ml of warm water;
  • 250 ml of white vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate.

Just mix all the ingredients and throw them on the mattress with the help of a sprayer and rub. The recommendation is to repeat the procedure until the dirty one disappears.

5. How do you get yellow off your mattress?

Yellowish mattress is a problem, it can be bypassed, through a simple mixture that involves:

  • 500 ml of warm water;
  • 250 ml of white vinegar;
  • 1 teaspoon of bleach;
  • 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate.

In a sprayer mix the warm water, white vinegar and bleach, sprinkling over the yellow mattress, then sprinkle the bicarbonate and let it act for about 90 minutes. Then with a damp cloth, rub the mattress. The procedure should be repeated until the yellowish has diminished or disappeared.

6. How to clean mattress with vanish?

Vanish is a ready-made product, very effective, that can be used pure, directly on the mattress without the need for dilution. To do this, simply spray the product and then wipe with a clean cloth.

7. How to clean mattress with water?

To clean the mattress with sanitary water you will need to:

  • 1 glass of bleach;
  • 3 glasses of water;
  • 1 sprayer

Just spray the mixture over the mattress, leaving it in the sun, in a well-ventilated environment until it clears and dries.

Practical step by step for mattress sanitization

To make practical and fast cleaning of mattresses follow the steps below are somewhat valid, because they are fast, easy and collaborate with your health.

  • Remove the pieces from the bed set weekly, washing them and placing them in an airy environment;
  • With a vacuum cleaner, clean the entire surface of the mattress;
  • Change the side of the mattress constantly, to increase its life span;
  • Leave the mattress in the sun for 10 minutes, at least once a week;;
  • Waterproof the mattress to prevent sweat and debris from coming into direct contact with the mattress fabric.
  • If you do not do a technical cleaning, clean your mattress with a damp cloth every 15 days.

How do I get a mattress stain out?

The mattress can suffer from some specific types of stain, they are:

  • Wine stain;
  • Bloodstain;
  • Urine stain.

Removing wine stains

Alcohol is a good solution to make the wine stain disappear. The ideal is to mix the product with water and pass, carefully, in the affected area, so as not to cause greater damage. Another option is to use vinegar.

Remove blood stain

The bloodstain can be a little difficult to remove. In this case, it is advisable to use a mixture made with sodium bicarbonate and cold water to reduce its tone. Apply on the stain and let it act for 30 minutes.

It is also possible to apply kitchen detergent mixed with water with a toothbrush without using it to rub the stained area.

Remove urine stain

The first step is to remove excess urine with a clean cloth or paper towel. Then, the recommendation is to mix soap powder with water and apply it slowly on the spot, using a soft sponge.

Why hire a technical cleaning service?

The technical cleaning service is important because it achieves a deeper hygiene and brings the client the following benefits:

  • Removal of fungal mites and bacteria;
  • Elimination of mould smell;
  • Elimination of animal smell;
  • Elimination of human waste such as urine, blood, vomit or sweat;
  • Removal of heavy dirt and pollution;
  • Post-spillage seizures of liquids, food and human waste.

Hiring a technical cleaning service is literally a health investment.

Tips to ensure a good sleep

waterproof mattress

After finding out all about how to clean a mattress, and the importance of hiring a technical cleaning service, it’s time to find out how to get a good night’s sleep, through extremely simple tips to be put into practice. Those are the tips:

  • Change your bedding weekly;
  • If you spill something on the surface of the mattress, clean it immediately;
  • Waterproof your mattress, and for pillowcases use waterproof protective covers;
  • Place the mattress in the sun for 10 minutes, at least once a week. The sun helps with odors and eliminates moisture from the mattress, avoiding the propensity of mites and fungi.
  • Turn the mattress over at least once every two months.
  • Hire a specialized company to clean your mattress.

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