How to take garlic smell out of your hand with 11 FAST methods

There are several ways to remove garlic smell from your hands: Rock salt, Lemon, Orange, Parsley, Stainless steel, Vinegar, Milk, Coffee lees, Toothpaste, Grass and leaves, but the simplest way is to dip your hands in a container of white vinegar for a few minutes and then wash with soap and water.

Garlic is a very nutritious food, rich in vitamins, fibers, calcium and potassium, being an important ally for our health. It is a very common seasoning in the American cuisine and is used in the preparation of various foods. But some people avoid handling it because of the smell it leaves in their hands, which does not come out for anything, when we wash with water and soap. Today, you will learn how to take garlic smell out of your hand with very simple and easy tips to do in any home.

Why use garlic in food?

If you avoid using this food at home because you don’t know how to take the garlic smell out of your hand, know that this is one of the main spices, that’s why it is found in kitchens all over the country, from the simplest to professional restaurants.

You can make a garlic and salt pasta (adding onion, if you prefer) and season all the food, like the traditional double of rice and beans, meat and much more.

For salads, you can prepare a perfumed olive oil, placing, in a sealed pot, some garlic cloves, fine herbs (rosemary, thyme or others of your preference) and complete with olive oil. It’s delicious!

Besides making the food tastier, garlic has several medicinal and healing properties.

It is a natural antibiotic;
It controls cholesterol;
It fights colds;
It helps to reduce blood pressure;
It accelerates the metabolism;
It is detoxifying.

How to remove garlic smell from your hand: 11 tips that work!

Garlic makes food taste amazing, but you can’t deny that it smells strong. The explanation is that foods of the genus Allium (including also spices such as onions and chives) have sulfur in their composition.

Interestingly, this element is only released during food handling and, along with other enzymes and substances, forms the characteristic odor that we all know.

But there are ways on how to get garlic smell from your hand and never worry about those odors when preparing food. Check out 11 surefire tips:

1. Coarse Salt

Garlic and salt make you think of the seasoning for Sunday lunch? Despite the perfect combination, in this case one acts to take the smell out of the other.

After peeling the garlic, rub some coarse salt on your hands, still dry, until the smell comes out.

Then just wash it normally, with soap and water.

2. Lemon

Lemon is a very versatile ingredient. It is used to make juices, composes several tasty recipes and also helps to clean several parts of the house.

It is also very useful for those who want to remove the smell of garlic from their hand and have not yet found an effective formula.

Squeeze the lemon juice in a container and leave your hands dipped for a few minutes. Then wash them well with soap and water.

It is very important to wash a lot and not leave any lemon residue, as on contact with the sun the substance can cause stains.

3. Orange

If you don’t want to risk the lemon juice, rub orange peel on your hands, then wash. You can also use the fruit buds effectively to remove the smell of garlic from your hand.

In addition to ending the unpleasant smell, you guarantee a delicious citrus scent on the skin.

4. Parsley

Rubbing your hands on a bunch of parsley takes the garlic smell away. In addition to removing the smell from the hands, it can be used to eliminate bad breath after meals, the famous “garlic breath”.

Just eat parsley while eating food seasoned with garlic and avoid bad breath. Parsley helps disguise halitosis, not just from garlic, but from other foods, so you can eat without fear.

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5. Running water

Although it doesn’t seem to work, running water takes the smell of garlic out of your hand, but when used correctly.

Leave your hands in running water for a minute without rubbing – remember to use a bowl to capture this water and avoid waste.

6. Stainless Steel

Use some stainless steel object to rub your hands under a stream of water and neutralize the smell of garlic.

This tip is very effective and there are specific products for this purpose, such as a stainless steel soap, suitable to be rubbed and eliminate odors of any kind.

Be careful when using knives. Always prefer the spoons, to avoid accidents.

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7. Vinegar

Another ingredient that always appears in our homemade tricks tips that make everyday life easier, vinegar – especially white – is a powerful odour neutraliser.

Soak your hands in a container of white vinegar for a few minutes and then wash with soap and water.

8. Milk

Rubbing your hands with a little milk is a simple way to eliminate the odor of garlic.

Like parsley, milk also helps neutralize the smell of garlic on your breath. Drink a glass of milk during the meal and avoid halitosis.

9. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds can also be a simple ingredient of how to remove garlic smell from your hand. Just rub some of the lees on your hands, which should be dry, until the smell is completely removed.

Wash your hands afterwards. If you don’t have lees, use the coffee powder and get the same effect.

10. Toothpaste

In addition to leaving the breath refreshing after a well seasoned lunch with garlic, the toothpaste takes the strong smell off your hands.

Spread some of the toothpaste all over your hand and rub it. Then wash with soap and water, rinsing well.

11. Grass and Foliage

Rubbing your hands on some grass or green leafy plants is also a quick way to get garlic smell out of your hand and also to eliminate other odours without any difficulty.

Extra tip: What to do to get the garlic smell out of the fridge?

Although it is a tasty spice, garlic also has a very strong smell, which can be impregnated inside the refrigerator. And it’s not pleasant to open the appliance and smell it. What to do then?

The solution is simpler than you think: baking soda! Just put some of it on a plate and leave it inside the refrigerator to neutralize the bad smell. There are also tips to prevent the smell of garlic from taking over, they are plastic pots. Whenever you need to store the food, put it inside pots and close well. Use, preferably, the transparent ones, which allow you to identify its contents.

Besides the kitchen, other areas of the house end up developing certain odors over time.

This is the case of the living room, which, being one of the most used rooms, can accumulate residues that cause bad odors.