How to get tea stain from clothes, sofa and upholstery: check it out!

how to get tea stain out of clothes

An accident happened and you need to know how to get tea stain from clothes, sofa or other upholstery?

Read on and learn now!

Time to relax!

how to get tea stain out of clothes

Nothing better than having a cup of tea in the cold of winter, listening to good music and under the covers. Or take that well-deserved break from work for tea and a chat with colleagues.

Tea is a great companion for relaxing moments, but when it spills on clothes or upholstery it can break the tranquility and give that headache!

After all, teas contain substances that stain fabrics, such as tannin – yes, that same component of wine – leaving them yellowish or darker.

We also teach how to remove wine stains !

Stained? We give you a teaspoon!

If an accident happens, however, you need not worry. We have homemade tips on how to take tea stain quickly, which you’ll see below.

The biggest tip – and this goes for whatever method you decide to use – is to be quick to clean. Time is the biggest enemy of stains, and the more it passes, the harder it will be to remove them.

If it gets too old, not even professional cleaning will be able to eliminate it completely. This is because the substance that stains the fabric causes a permanent degradation of the fiber of the fabric, leaving irreparable marks.

How to Take Tea Stain: 6 Homemade, Practical, Quick Tips!

1. Hot water

how to get tea stain out of hot water clothes

For starters let’s present a tip that could not be simpler!

  1. Heat some water before boiling point.
  2. Gradually apply hot water to the stain so that the fabric absorbs maximum moisture through it.

This contact with hot water will dissolve the stain and then let it dry naturally. If any remnants of the stain remain, put the laundry in as normal.

2. Detergent

Neutral detergent is one of the most powerful stain remover cleaners. You can apply it on clothes, upholstery fabrics and rugs.

  • Put some detergent on the stain and rub lightly with the help of a soft bristle brush.
  • Then rinse until the chemical is completely removed.
  • On very delicate fabrics such as suede, suede or velvet, try to be as careful as possible when rubbing and apply minimal detergent and remove quickly.

3. Soap Powder

A great way to get tea stain off your clothes is to apply a small amount of washing powder on both sides of the stained fabric.

Rub until the stain is lighter and then rinse. Finally, let it dry naturally or put in the dryer.

It is also possible to do the same procedure with liquid laundry soap . Here on the blog we teach an amazing recipe for you to make your own with only $ 5.00!

4. Vinegar

how to get tea stain out of clothes

Everyone has white vinegar at home, doesn’t it? And if not, it’s super easy to find! So this is a great tip if you have spilled tea on tissues.

  1. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water;
  2. Apply on the stain;
  3. With a napkin, paper towel or dry cloth, absorb the liquid. You will see the stain being removed naturally.
  4. Then take it normally and let it dry.

If you are away from home, look for vinegar to apply with water on the stain and wash it as soon as you arrive at your home.

The vinegar is a powerful cleaning product because it has a high concentration of acetic acid, a substance capable of defat, sterilize (to eliminate microorganisms harmful to health, such as bacteria, mites and fungi), eliminate odors, dissolve stains and still shine some materials – like glass cups, for example.

5. Sodium bicarbonate

Another product commonly stored in a closet that is infallible in home cleaning is baking soda.

To remove tea stain with baking soda, follow these steps:

  1. Wet the stain with warm water and apply some baking soda, covering the stain.
  2. For best absorption, lightly rub the mixture with a soft bristle brush.
  3. Let act for a while and rinse.

6. Ice

Did you know that it is also possible to remove tea stains using an ice cube?

Roll it over the stain until the fabric is very wet and cold. Then wash the garment normally in the machine or by hand.

Professional Stain Removal

how to take tea stain from professional wash clothes

Fortunately, tea stain is not the hardest stain to remove. Therefore, if you put the above tips into practice, it is very likely to be sufficient.

However, if the stain persists and you cannot remove it completely, the best option is to get expert help.

Cleaning Services Jersey City is the leading company in New Jersey for upholstery washing. Our unique semi dry cleaning method is able to remove or minimize any stains on sofas, armchairs, rugs, curtains and other upholstery.

In addition to eliminating stains, professional upholstery cleaning also removes up to 99.7% of microorganisms that stick to fabric fibers and are harmful to health, such as bacteria, dust mites, and fungi. If upholstered it will also be free of odors and other residue.

Waterproofing upholstery: no more stains!

And if you want to keep your sofa protected against the formation of new stains, the secret is to waterproof the upholstery.

This service creates a film on the fabric that prevents the penetration of liquids and other oily substances. So if your tea spills on the couch, just wipe it with a cloth or paper towel and the fabric will be clean and dry again, avoiding unwanted stains.

With all these cares, you can now have your tea quietly and enjoy the warm winter weather or the pleasant moments of break.