How to remove basic stain from clothes with 5 amazing homemade tips!

How to remove basic stain from clothes

Who never got dirty while applying makeup? It was following that amazing tutorial video on the internet or trying to make a “different” make and ended up making the biggest mess!

The problem is that some makeup products can stain fabrics because they are very pigmented or oil-based.

Products developed to have long fixation then can be a real nightmare when removing the stain! This is the case of bases, lipsticks, concealers and creamy eyeshadows, for example.

But do not despair, because everything has a solution! See now surefire tips on how to remove basic stain from clothing .

Beauty and self-esteem

How to remove basic stain from clothes

The foundation, as well as lipstick and other makeup and skin care products , was created to give that “up” in women’s self-esteem. To enhance feminine beauty and to enhance who they really are, each with their own style, traits and characteristics.

With a good foundation, you even out your skin tone and disguise what you don’t want to show on your face. Who doesn’t love to feel prettier?

So if you’re a number one fan of grassroots, you already need to understand how to blot out an accident.

Take the opportunity to find out also how to remove lipstick stain fabrics.

How to Remove Basic Stain From Clothes: Initial Care

If you got excited about make-up and dropped a garment base, you needn’t worry.

The first step in removing stain from clothing is to remove excess makeup with a damp cloth, spoon or spatula, always being careful not to scatter, making movements from the inside out.

Then just follow some of the following rules, with products that everyone has at home.

1. Hydrogen peroxide

How to remove basic stain from hydrogen peroxide clothing

The hydrogen peroxide is an excellent disinfectant, widely used for the cleaning of wounds.

This is because it is a substance that has one more oxygen atom relative to the water molecule (H2O) and, in contact with skin and air, eliminates this “extra” oxygen, killing bacteria.

This same chemical process is very useful when cleaning a house, either to disinfect or to remove stains. As soon as oxygen is released, it causes the liquid to bubble, acting on the base spot.

Here’s how to clean:

  1. Make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, water and liquid detergent.
  2. Apply the solution on the stain.
  3. Scrub lightly with the help of a brush.
  4. Finish the process by washing normally.

2. Neutral Soap

Another very simple method of how to remove basic stain from clothing is to apply mild soap on dirt.

Scrub until removed and rinse well.

3. Water and detergent

Neutral detergent is also a very potent stain remover. With high degreasing power, it acts on the stain removing grease and pigmentation from the base.

  1. Take a cotton pad and wet it with water and some detergent.
  2. Rub gently over the stain.
  3. If it does not come out completely, put the garment and / or towel to wash in the machine.

4. Lacquer and water

How to remove basic stain from clothes with hairspray and water

Ever imagine that hair spray (also known as hairspray) is also effective at removing blemishes?

Spray the stain with a spray and rub with a soft bristle brush or cloth. Then rinse well under running water.

5. White Vinegar

Another effective method for base stain removal is to clean with vinegar, an ingredient that almost everyone has at home.

To stop the stain, just dampen it with white vinegar and rub with a soft cloth or brush until it comes out completely.

Then just wash normally.

Other tips to leave your fabrics spotless!

See how easy it is to get rid of the basic stains on your clothes? Now you can use creativity and whimsy in makeup without fear of messing it up!

To ensure that the stain comes off completely without damaging the fabric of your clothes, it is important to pay attention to a few more tips.

Check manufacturer’s instructions

How to remove basic stain from clothes

First of all, you won’t go around applying products on your clothes without making sure, huh?

Check the clothing label and see the manufacturer’s washing guidelines. This tip is especially true for other types of fabrics such as towels, sofas, bedding or mattresses. After all, these are more expensive items and you don’t want to risk damaging them, do you?

Test before

With this same logic, the tip is to test the product you will use to remove stain on a small area of ​​the fabric before applying it to the entire piece.

If there is no visible damage, continue with the steps.

Persistent stains

If the above tips are not sufficient for removing the base stain, try soaking longer before trying again. This is the case for bases with stronger or more sweat resistant tones.

And if you are unlucky that the base falls on other types of fabrics, such as upholstery, for example, the solution is to have the help of a specialized company. Mr. Cleaning Jersey City has the best technique in semi dry washing of sofa , armchair, mattress and others, procedure that ensures the minimization of stains.

Be quick!

Try to be agile so as not to let the stain dry out. Over time it becomes increasingly difficult to remove stains and the problem can even become irreparable – even with professional cleaning.

In the case of liquid or creamy bases, the speed of action is even more important as the materials used in its composition make it difficult to remove the stain compared to a powdered product.

Could you remove the base of the tissues? Tell us in the comments if everything went well! And take a look at how to remove other types of makeup in this full post.