How to remove clay stains: 8 homemade tips you need to know!

how to get mud stain

Knowing how to remove clay stains from fabrics can save your favorite clothes and decorations from your home. Accidents happen, even to the most careful people. That’s why it’s always good to have that infallible trick up your sleeve that will help you do an efficient cleaning without damaging the fabrics.

So take your notepad to keep the 8 homemade tips for cleaning clay stains that we’ve assembled for you.

When we see mud, we turn to it!

How to remove clay stain from clothing.  Dirty girl

Many situations can put our clothes in contact with clay, especially for families with small children or people with adventurous spirit.

Children love to play everywhere and it is no different with mud. Just a few minutes of play can generate various stains on the clothes.

But adults are not immune. Trails in the woods / waterfalls, car rides on dirt roads or even rainy days on unpaved streets can cause various dirt marks on the fabrics. There are also those who work with clay and clay in handicrafts.

And if you step on the clay, you will carry this waste to your home, soiling the carpets, rugs and even the sofa – depending on the amount of mud stuck to your shoes.

You’ve already noticed that it’s very important to know how to remove clay stains, right? So roll up your sleeves and get ready to execute our cleaning tips.

First steps

There’s no way to get a clay stain out with it still wet. Wait for the stain to dry completely before you sanitize it.

Remove excess dry clay with a damp paper towel or absorbent cloth. If the amount of clay is too large, remove the hardened parts with a spoon or spatula.

This way, you leave the stain concentrated only in the area affected by the clay, without spreading it to the whole fabric.

1. How to remove clay stain using a soft brush

Our first tip on how to get mud stain is quite simple. You just need to scrub the dirt (after it dries) with a soft and soft bristle brush. When the clay comes out, wash and rinse the piece normally.

2. How to remove stain from dry clay stains

how to remove clay stain: boy with clay stained shirt

The previous tip didn’t work and you want to know how to remove dry clay stains? Separate soap or detergent and a brush.

First, pass detergent in the stain area on both sides of the fabric. Rub with the brush so that the soap penetrates deeper into the fibers and can remove all the dirt.

Then wash the garment as normal, using detergent and warm (never hot) water.

3. How to remove clay stain from clothes

The clothes you love so much have a clay stain on them? Turn the garment inside out and apply warm water, with the help of a clean cloth, patting or rubbing it gently until the dirt comes out. Then wash as usual.

4. How to remove older clay stains

To assist in removing older clay stains, you will need a vessel with warm water.

Place the garment inside and use a soft brush and detergent to rub, with the fabric submerged. Rub until the stain comes out completely and then wash with soap and water.

5. How to remove clay stain from tennis

how to remove clay stain from tennis

To get the clay stain out of your sneakers you’re gonna need it:

  • Powdered soap;
  • Colorless neutral detergent;
  • Chlorine-free bleach.

Remove the insole and shoelace and make a mixture with the indicated products. Apply the solution all over the shoe and rub it with a brush, until all the clay is removed. Rinse and allow to dry naturally. And don’t forget to wash the shoelace and the insoles.

6. How to remove clay from colored clothes

Removing stains from colored clothes is always more complicated. Our recommendation is to remove as much of the clay as possible and wash the piece in the machine with detergent. Let it dry and check the condition of the stain. Repeat the washing process as many times as necessary.

7. How to remove clay from white clothes

Vinegar is an effective ingredient in removing clay from white clothes. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bucket and soak the piece for about 20 minutes. It is important to use white vinegar to avoid new stains.

Then wash normally and leave to dry in the shade. Repeat the process if the stain does not come out completely.

8. How to remove clay stain from carpet

How to Remove Clay Stain From the Rug Professionally

To remove clay stain from the carpet, mix it with soap and water in a bucket. Moisten a clean cloth in this little mix and remove the excess clay. Reapply the mixture with the cloth until all the stain is cleaned. Finish the process by wiping the area with a clean cloth and then let the carpet dry naturally.

It is very difficult to find the perfect home solution for removing clay stains from the carpet, as common washing can damage the part. In this case, the ideal is a professional service.

Mr. Cleaning Services is your best option for removing clay stains and other dirt in a practical way and without having to work.

Additional Care

In addition to following our homemade recipes on how to remove clay stains, be aware of some additional care when cleaning your parts.

· Clean gently

Always apply gentle movements when cleaning fabrics, especially the most delicate ones. By using too much force to wash, you can cause irreversible damage.

· Check manufacturer’s instructions for use

Always check the washing symbols on the label. This is where the manufacturer’s guidelines, which indicate the type of product to be used in the fabric and whether or not it can withstand some washing processes, among other information.

· Wash stained clothing separately.

The stained clothes should be washed separately from the others. Washing them together can stain the pieces that did not have any mark, generating a problem for you to solve.

· Be quick

In both home and professional cleaning, time is precious. The sooner the washing of the pieces takes place, the better the results in the elimination of the stains.