How to remove fruit stains: 7 tips that make a difference. Take a look here!

How to take fruit stain

It makes your mouth water just by thinking of a fruit salad, the fresh options of the street fair, or very big papaya.

But it also gives a certain concern when we think that all this can become a permanent stain on our favourite blouse, tablecloth or sofa!

So here are 7 tips on how to remove fruit stains from clothes or other fabrics, with homemade ingredients that are easy to find.

Fruits: A Healthy and Refreshing Option!

how to take fruit stain

Hot days go very well with a slice of cold watermelon, a juicy mango or pineapple slices.

Besides being refreshing, the fruits are extremely beneficial for health and should be present in any balanced diet.

They are indispensable options at breakfast and maybe even harmonizing with a plate at lunch or replacing the dessert candy.

Despite all the benefits, fruits in general have a strong color, which can leave stains when splashing on clothes and other fabrics.

But this is no excuse for not enjoying these natural delicacies. So, let’s get to the tips!

Don’t leave until tomorrow what you can do today!

How to get fruit stain with knife

The first tip is perhaps the most important and valid for life: whenever something stains some fabric, be quick!

Old, dry stains can start to degrade fabrics, spoiling them and making the marks permanent.

So the secret to getting rid of fruit stains is to act fast. Start by removing the pieces of fruit or liquids (if any) using spatulas, knives without saws, spoons, cloths or absorbent paper. Always clean from the inside out so that the stain does not get even bigger.

Then, turn the fabric inside out, in the case of clothes, and wet the stain on the opposite side with cold water.

How to remove fruit stains with soap and water

By performing the above steps, it is very likely that your fabric will clean easily. To wash, prepare a mixture of water and soap and soak the fabric.

After acting for about two hours, wash as normal.

Removing Fruit Stains With Detergent

The neutral detergent can also be used in the same way as soap in the previous tip, soaking the fabric with water.

For a more precise removal, apply detergent directly on the stain, rub gently with circular movements and rinse.

If necessary, repeat the process.

How to remove fruit stains with bleaches

If you were eating a fruit and it fell on a white or light fabric, it’s best to use a bleach without chlorine.

  • Mix it with water and apply over the stain.
  • Rub it with a soft bristle brush.
  • Then wash as usual.

How to remove red fruit stains

How to get red fruit stain

Fruits like blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and cherries are simply delicious, very good for the memory and other cognitive functions and there are those who do not like to eat them with yogurts, granola or in syrups, jellies and desserts.

However small they are, they have the defect of staining fabrics with their reddish and dark pigments.

To remove red fruit stains, apply a generous amount of white vinegar to the stain until it is completely covered.

Then rub lightly until the stain comes out and wash as normal.

Removing fruit stains with lemon

You can even remove fruit stains using other fruit! Can you believe it?

In the case of more resistant stains, such as açaí, grape or pitaya, for example, lemon works as an excellent stain remover.

Apply a few drops of lemon on the stain, rub and wash in the way you are used to. The acidity will make the stain come out more easily.

How to remove fruit stains with glycerine

how to take fruit stain

Another tip on how to remove fruit stains is using glycerine.

This is a viscous substance, with moisturizing and emollient power, with a texture that facilitates the removal of stains.

With the help of a cloth, pass some cold water over the stain.

Then, apply the glycerine and rinse. It is not necessary to use a large amount of glycerine.

Removing fruit stains on upholstery and carpets

In general, home tips are very effective in removing easier stains like fruit and should also work on sofas, carpets, armchairs and other upholstery.

If an accident occurs and a fruit falls on the furniture, also try to create a mixture of water and oxygenated water, in equal parts, and apply on the stain.

If it still persists, do not hesitate to have the help of a professional, because many attempts can end up damaging the upholstery fabric or the bristles of the carpet. And be quick to call for expert cleaning so that the stain does not become irreparable.

Mr. Cleaning Services has a great solution in upholstery and upholstery cleaning, which is the semi dry cleaning. Using only 10% of the water used in other washes, this is the safest method against aggressions to the fabric, capable of cleaning even the deepest layers.

In addition to removing fruit stains, the cleaning removes the fabric encardiment and eliminates it:

  • Various residues, such as food leftovers, dust, mold;
  • unpleasant odors;
  • Living microorganisms present between the fibers of the fabric and that cause allergies and respiratory diseases;
  • Waste from pets and the human body, among others.

Extra care you should have

With all these tips, you’ve seen that you can eat your fruit quietly, right? But for the techniques to really work, remember to take some care:

  • Always act delicately, because fabrics can be damaged with vigorous movements.
  • Before removing the stain, make sure that that product can be used on the fabric by checking the label. There will be all the manufacturer’s washing guidelines.
  • First do a test on a small part of the fabric and only then apply the tip to the whole piece.

Now, just peel your favourite fruit and enjoy!

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