How to remove hair dye: 15 easy methods

how to remove hair dye

You were dyeing your hair and an accident happened? Don’t worry, because today Mr. Cleaning Services will give you every step of how to get hair dye stain off clothes, skin, how to get hair dye stain off nails and even sofa!

After all, we understand that some people don’t like beauty salons or simply prefer to save and take care of their highlights at home.

For those who want to hide the white threads or simply change the look, it is possible to find several types of dyeing in the hair and do the dyeing on their own.

But the truth is, the hair dye really stains. If the procedure is not performed correctly and with protection, you may end up with color residue on your hands, forehead, ears and even your clothes and furniture may be hit.

If you are part of the group that does not give up colored hair, this post is your face! We’ve listed tips on how to remove hair dye stains to look beautiful (or gorgeous) without any marks on your forehead or clothes. Check out what gets hair dye stains out!

How to avoid hair dye staining when painting?

Our tip is not to forget to wear plastic gloves during the procedure and to pass a generous layer of cream well consistent on the forehead before applying the product. This already avoids a good part of the problem.

If you still seem to want to dye much more than the threads and have several colored body parts, read the next topics and learn how to remove hair dye stains.

How do you get hair dye stains off your clothes?

how to remove hair dye from clothes

It is common that when washing the hair dye, the toning spills on clothes, leaving the fabric stained.

The process of how to remove hair dye stains from clothes is simpler than coloring the hair, since you can use products that are in your dispenser, without having to give up the clothes you like so much.

So, see how to get hair dye off clothes using vinegar:

Remove stain from clothes with white vinegar


  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • Stain remover

How to do it

Apply the remover over the area of the stain with the vinegar. Then, rub gently and wash with water, letting it dry afterwards.

Remove stain from clothing with oxygenated water


  • Oxygenated water
  • Soft bristle brush

How to do it

Apply the oxygenated water over the stain and rub gently with the brush. Remember to make straight movements, as the circulars can spread the paint. Then rinse with water and let it dry.

Remove stain from clothes with Detergent


  • Neutral kitchen detergent
  • Sodium bicarbonate

How to do it

Make a small tablet using equal parts of detergent and bicarbonate. Rub the mixture over the stain and rinse.

The result depends on the time of the stain (the fresher the better) and the structure of each fabric.

How do you get hair dye stains out of your skin?

how to remove hair dye from skin

The most uncomfortable stains when coloring the strands at home are those on the forehead and hands. As we said before, the ideal is to wear gloves and create a protective layer on the face, avoiding the problem.

But if this occurs, see how to remove hair dye stains from the skin and even how to remove hair dye stains from the hands.

Remove hair dye stain with Baby Oil

Rub some baby oil over the stain on a cotton wool soaked in the product and let it act overnight. Ideally, it should remain on your face for about 8 hours. Then just wash it with soap and water.

Remove hair dye stain with Vaseline

Apply the vaseline in circular movements at the spots. The spot should be the color of the paint, then just remove and apply again. Repeat the process until the petroleum jelly does not change color and wash the area afterwards.

Remove hair dye stain with Kitchen Detergent

Just wash the stain with the kitchen detergent, which usually has very effective action. The problem here is that it can attack the most sensitive skin, so we recommend a good moisturizer after cleaning (or opt for the other methods in this post).

Remove hair dye stain with Hair Gel

Rub a cotton pad soaked in hair gel on the area affected by the dye. Make circular movements and repeat the application until the stain is gone.

Remove hair dye stain with Vinegar

Mix vinegar and water and apply to the stain using some cotton. Rub gently until the stain comes out. Wash your face thoroughly with soap and water, as vinegar can stain your face in contact with the sun.

How do I get hair dye stains out of my skin after it dries?

In that tip we’ll use detergent. Rub the place with a cotton pad moistened with a few drops of this product. If the stain is more persistent, mix the detergent with bicarbonate and do the same procedure. In the end, just rinse.

How to remove hair dye stain from furniture?

The alternative to remove hair dye stains from furniture is to spray hair spray on it. Clean the place with a clean dry cloth. Apply the spray again and repeat the whole process until the stain becomes very clear.

How to remove hair dye stains from nails and hands?

The hair dye stain comes off the fingernails easily. In a container, pour some of it and place your hands for 5 minutes. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Although candida is very effective, it can cause allergy in some people. If this is the case, avoid contact with the product.

How to remove hair dye stain from the sofa?

how to remove hair stain from the sofa

Depending on the level of work and lack of experience with the dye, the colorant can reach and stain the furniture. So if you like the house always clean, see that there are also ways to get hair dye stains off the sofa.

The easiest is to waterproof the sofa, as this procedure creates a protective barrier against liquid and oily residues. However, if the problem of the stain has already happened, act quickly: the sooner the cleaning is done, the better the result.

The stains can come out if you rub the cotton with some acetone or removing products for sale in specialized stores. If the stain does not come out, look for companies specialized in cleaning sofas and avoid the use of abrasive products, which can damage the furniture.

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