How to remove mustard stains: the secrets they didn’t tell you. Look!

When that hunger hits and we’re short on time, there’s nothing better than eating a sandwich and other quick snacks, right? But the sauces that help give more flavor to that kind of food can also get our clothes dirty. Today we’re going to show you how to remove mustard stains and recover the beauty of fabrics. So, you keep enjoying only what matters: the taste of this delicious ingredient!

Mustard: green and yellow passion

Mustard gives a special taste to various dishes. Sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas and snacks are even tastier when accompanied by this sauce. It can also be used in the preparation of various dishes, such as strogans and salads.

These delicacies can be eaten at lunch and dinner or in moments of entertainment, when we are reading or watching TV, in the living room, bedroom, kitchen … no wonder this ingredient is the darling of many people.

The only problem is that the sauce can fall on clothes, furniture, upholstery or blankets and cause a lot of dirt. But we’re gonna teach you how to get rid of mustard stains and get rid of that nuisance.

Why is it hard to remove mustard stains?

If you find it difficult to find the ideal solution to how to remove mustard stains, know that you are not alone.

Mustard consists of a natural dye known as Chinese saffron. This substance has been used to dye fabrics for years, creating different shades.

That’s why it’s so complicated to remove the mustard stains. After all, its coloring is suitable for “sticking” permanently in fabrics.

But there is a solution for everything and we have gathered the best tips on how to clean mustard stains.

How do you get mustard stains off your clothes?

There are some homemade tips on how to remove mustard stains from clothes. Here, we’ll show you the main ones that have the best chance of working.

Mustard staining with detergent

Wash the piece with cold water, inside out. That way, the water will cross in the opposite direction of the stain. Then apply a little neutral liquid detergent and rub with a soft bristle brush. Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse.

Remove the mustard stain by soaking the piece.

If you’ve already washed, but the piece still has the mark, soaking it is another way to remove mustard stains.

Fill a bucket with water and detergent, soak the piece for 20 minutes and then wash as normal. This technique “softens” the stain, making cleaning easier.

How do you get mustard stains out of your white clothes?

White clothes are the great concern of those who want to know how to remove stains from mustard or other dirt.

For clear pieces, just add a little bleach in the washing process. The measure should be one part of bleach for 30 parts of water. Be very careful with this product, as the excess can leave the clothes yellowish.

Repeat the trick as many times as necessary until the stain comes out.

Removing stains from furniture and carpets

Knowing how to remove stains from furniture and carpets is always more complicated, since you can’t simply put these parts under the tap and wash them with running water. But we have a little home-made recipe to help with cleaning.

Write down what you need:

  • 250 ml of water;
  • 1 teaspoon of detergent.

Make a mixture with the two ingredients and place directly on the stain, letting it act for a few minutes. Then remove the solution (and the dirt) with the help of a damp cloth and let it dry naturally.

Unbeatable cleaning for your home!

But to remove mustard stains from furniture and the carpet with the efficiency you want, the best option is to count on a professional service, since home tricks do not always totally solve the problem.

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Special care

For tips on how to remove mustard stains to work even better, it is important to take some extra care when performing the cleaning procedures.

Avoid rubbing hard

It may even seem that rubbing hard will help you get rid of the stain more quickly, but the most you can do is damage the fabric.

When cleaning, always act gently, use soft brushes and take special care with the most delicate pieces.

Read the label

The clothing and upholstery label contains valuable information about washing procedures. Read carefully and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines exactly.

Wash stained garments separately

The stained clothes cannot be washed next to the other parts of the house. Always do the washing separately and avoid that other clothes also get stained.

It is also very important to wash the stains from the outside in so that they do not spread to a larger area of the fabric.

Time is worth gold

The sooner you take steps to remove mustard stains, the better the results will be. That goes for home cleaning and professional cleaning.

If the stain gets impregnated in the fibers of the fabric, there may be a permanent deterioration, which no cleaning solution will be able to solve. So be quick!