How to remove poop stains: 6 useful tips to clean up this mess!

how to take poop stain

Learn now how to remove poop stains with easy tricks with products you already have at home and get rid of yellowish marks on mattresses, sofas, clothes and bedding.

Accidents happen!

how to take poop stain

Who has dogs or cats at home and never had to clean a poop stain, throw the first stone.

And even those who don’t. Nothing more natural in life than going through that situation, no matter how unpleasant it may seem. It’s normal to let a little stool stain escape when you’re in your old age, when you’re sick with intestinal infections, for example, or dirty your mattress at night when you’re sleeping.

With newborns and babies, or during the enjoyment phase, this risk is even greater. So, to do well during these situations, learn how to remove poop stains easily.

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Initial care

To get the stains out completely, it’s important to take some initial care that we’ll show you now.

Remove excess stool before applying the tips to remove the stains. Remove with a spatula, making a movement from the inside out so as not to spread the dirt, and throw it out on the toilet seat.

If possible, wear gloves as faeces contain bacteria, especially if you are dealing with a sick person. And, of course, wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning.

Now for the tips!

1. How to remove poop stains with bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate or cornstarch (maisena) are excellent products for removing stains.

The feces contain a large amount of fat – mainly from babies who feed on their mother’s milk – which is easily absorbed by these substances.

Therefore, apply some bicarbonate or maisena and let it act for a while. Then wash off the stained tissue normally.

If the stain is not completely removed, repeat the process.

2. How to remove poop stains using cold water

Fresh stains are easily removed in cold water. To clean, turn the fabric inside out and rub in running water.

It is important not to use hot water for washing. Otherwise, the stain may become even more impregnated and difficult to remove.

3. Removing Poop Stain Using Detergent

Another tip on how to remove poop stains is to use neutral detergent and white vinegar, two essential products in any household task.

  • Mix 2 glasses of cold water with 1 tablespoon of detergent and another of vinegar.
  • Wet a cloth in the mixture.
  • Rub the cloth over the stain until it is completely removed.

The detergent will break down the fat molecules and the vinegar will help remove the odor and act as a bactericide, completely sanitizing the stained part.

4. How to Stop Stool Stains: Soak

how to take off stain soak clothes

An infallible tip is to soak the fabric in water, liquid soap and bleach without chlorine (the base of oxygenated water).

After letting it act for a while, wash it normally. The longer you soak, the easier it is to remove the stain.

If it does not come out on the first try, repeat until it is 100% clean.

Do not use bleach (bleach with chlorine) because it is more aggressive to fabrics and can stain colored and dark clothes.

5. Ending up with stool staining using a remover

There are products on the market to remove stains. Just soak the fabric for a while, soaked in this type of product.

Mr. Cleaning Services o teaches the recipe of a powerful homemade Vanish for stain removal. Learn how to make your own product and save on grocery shopping.

6. Removing stool stains on sheets

t’s very common for accidents to happen while we’re asleep at night. So sheets and mattresses can be soiled by feces.

  • To get rid of bedding stains, start by removing excess poop with moist tissues or semi-disposable cloths. Throw them in the trash immediately.
  • Then fill a bowl or other container with cold water and add ¼ of soap cup.
  • Soak the sheets for a few hours.
  • Then wash them with another ¼ of soap cup and 1 cup of chlorine-free bleach.

If the stain has drained onto the mattress, home washing will be more complicated. Therefore, it is best to hire specialists to perform a thorough cleaning.

It is important that all residues are removed because, as we have already said, the feces have a large number of bacteria that can continue to proliferate in your mattress and cause diseases.

The professional mattress cleaning performed by Mr. Cleaning Services is done with the semi-dry washing method. This procedure is able to remove up to 99.7% of the microorganisms in the mattress (including others that cause allergies, such as mites and fungi), in addition to all the residues of the body, of pets, leftover food, dust and, of course, stains and odors.

Special cares

how to get emoji poop stain

Removing stains can be a challenge, since fabrics can be damaged if you are too vigorous in the rubbing, the fabric is too thin or the product used is not suitable.

Therefore, take some care:

  • Always remember to do a test in a small, more hidden area before putting the tip into practice on every piece of clothing, sheet or other fabric.
  • Wear gloves to avoid contact with faeces and disinfect the washing machine after sanitizing the fabrics so as not to contaminate other clothes.
  • Read the manufacturer’s washing instructions on fabric labels.
  • Be agile in washing, as old stains are harder to remove and can degrade fabric fibers over time, permanently.

By putting the tips into practice you will get rid of the stains and have a much more hygienic home!