How to remove sunscreen stain from clothes!

My wife abused her sunscreen during the holidays and ended up staining her clothes. Matthew, on the other hand, came back from the club and lay down straight on the couch. Both now don’t know what to do with the stains that never seem to come off. After all, how do you remove sunblock stains? Is that possible?

Shadow and fresh water!

how to get sunscreen stain

The truth is, the stain is the last concern we have when we’re passing sunscreen. We usually apply the product when we are about to go for a nice family time at the club or at the beach, especially on hot days when we will be totally exposed to the sun.

But did you know that it is always important to have a sunscreen on hand every day? It’s not just talks. Even on cloudy days, the solar incidence is also high and the protector is indispensable to prevent skin diseases.

Among the ways to prevent the disease, the institute highlights the application of sunscreen with protection factor 15, at least, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun between 10h and 16h.

Sunscreen and stains

How to remove sunscreen stain

Now that you know the importance of the protector, you will not stop wearing it every day. The use of this product, however, presents a problem: the ease with which it can stain clothes, towels and even vehicles, upholstery, carpets, chairs.

The stain is caused by the oils present in the protector formulas, making it difficult to remove.

But, of course, we understand everything about stains and we will show you all the necessary care and simple home recipes to remove them.

How to remove sunscreen stains: initial care

Whenever you apply the sunscreen, it is recommended to wait a few minutes until you put on bikinis, clothes, roll up in the towel or lean against upholstery. This way, you give the necessary time for the product to be absorbed by the skin and prevent the formation of spots.

But in case of an accident, remove the excess sunscreen from the dirty surface using a spoon, spatula or a damp cloth, always in an inward direction.

Then, just follow one (or more) of the steps below.

1. Detergent

how to remove sunscreen stain with detergent

You know that detergent you use in the kitchen? It can be the key to getting sunscreen stains off white and light clothes.

Before washing in the machine, apply a little neutral detergent over the stain and rub it gently.

Then place the garment in the machine, still with the detergent, washing separately so that the other garments do not turn yellow.

2. Vinegar

It is also possible to remove stains using white vinegar, a powerful degreaser, which will break down the oil molecules in the sunscreen.

To clean, soak the clothes or towel in hot water (before boiling) mixed with a cup of vinegar. Let it act for a while until you notice the dissolution of the stain and rinse.

Performing this step is also an excellent way to eliminate bacteria, mites and fungi that may be present in the fabric and also remove possible odors.

See how vinegar can be a great helper in house cleaning!

3. Sodium bicarbonate

Putting some bicarbonate on the stain is also a good way to eliminate it. The tip is to put a sufficient amount to cover the whole stain and let it act.

After you notice that the stain is disappearing, clean the excess bicarbonate with a brush, a little detergent, and wash as normal.

If the stain persists, fill a container (it can be a bucket or basin) with water and neutral soap and soak the piece.

Finally, wash again and your stain should have disappeared completely.

Professional solution against stubborn stains of protector

how to get professional sunscreen stain

If even so, after all these steps, the sunscreen stain persists, it is time to have the help of a specialized company.

For professional upholstery and carpet cleaning, Mr. Cleaning Services is the best solution. We know that cleaning stains on sofas, carpet or armchairs, for example, is more complicated than single pieces of clothing. So don’t hesitate to get professional help.

We do dry cleaning of upholstery, an efficient method for removing stains and other residues, odours and micro-organisms that are bad for your health.

The service is done in your home, in a few hours, for your convenience.

To prevent the formation of new stains, we also offers the upholstery waterproofing service, a procedure capable of creating a protective layer on the fabric, preventing the penetration of liquids and oily substances.

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Other tips

In order for all the tips we teach today to bring the best result in the removal of the protector stain, it is important to be aware of some issues:

  • Be agile in cleaning. The sooner you act to remove the stain, the better. Over time, the substances that form the dirt can damage the fabric, making the stain irreversible even for professional cleaning.
  • Test all solutions on a small area of the fabric before applying the ingredients to the entire garment or upholstery. Some fabrics are more delicate and may suffer from the action of substances.
  • All upholstery, carpets and clothes have labels that detail the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding best practices in cleaning. Therefore, before taking any action, read the product instructions. Click on the link to understand what the laundry symbols mean.

So, did you manage to get rid of the stain? Tell us about your experience in the comments and don’t forget: always use sunscreen!