Special care when cleaning the house in winter

Household cleaning is no longer easy when the weather is favorable. Cleaning the house in winter, then, is even more difficult.

All we want this season is to be able to warm up under soft covers and enjoy the hours of rest watching Netflix series .

However, this period is one of those that most require attention when it comes to home care.

Why is it important to clean the house in winter?

In winter, the incidence of sunlight is very low. And the less light and ventilation, the greater the proliferation of fungi and mites, which are extremely harmful to health.

In this season, we tend to close the house more, besides taking hot baths and not ventilating the environments. This combination is the perfect setting for these microscopic enemies.

Dry weather and an increase in viral illnesses such as colds and flu expands the level of alertness and requires more care when cleaning the house in winter.

Therefore, we separate some tips:

Sanitize bedding

Duvets and blankets are kept during the hot months. Thus, they accumulate the dreaded mites, in addition to mold and other unpleasant microorganisms.

Our tip here is that, before putting them to use, separate them and send them for a good wash. In addition, at least once a week, it is interesting to lay them out in the sun and change them, as well as sheets and pillowcases.

This habit can also be adopted in the care of winter clothes, especially those made of wool, which become the favorite habitat of mites.

Ventilate the environments

We have already mentioned above, but it never hurts to reinforce. As cold as the weather is and you want to keep the house closed, this is not healthy and hygienic.

Ventilation helps to keep the environment free of contaminated air, in addition to preventing the formation of molds, especially in spaces such as the bathroom.

If it does not have good air circulation, the moisture that is formed by the steam from the bath stimulates the formation of these organisms, which are very dangerous to health.

Besides, the accumulation of mold and slime requires a heavier cleaning in the bathroom. This involves having to use strong products, which can further damage the air.

Clean periodically

In the cold, the last thing we want is to have to mess with water. Having to clean the house in winter can pose a risk to your health too, due to the ease of catching colds.

So, you can bet on the use of vacuum cleaners and microfiber utensils, which absorb dirt without the need to be damp. In addition, these instruments do not lift dust, helping with air quality. Allergists are grateful!

Cleaning the house in winter also requires more planning and care than on hot days. During this period, the sensitivity to allergies and adverse reactions is much greater.

Delegating activities is a great alternative

Seriously: no one deserves to waste their hours of rest cleaning the house in winter. Those cold days make us more “lazy”, with more desire to relax and rest.

In order not to have to worry about this, you can count on specialized companies. The services offered by them are specific to meet the needs of each time of the year.

With that, you can be carefree and enjoy your free time doing what really matters.

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