How to remove easily shoyu sauce stain in 7 steps. Look here!

how to take off soy sauce stain

Americans love to share moments at the table. And all the culinary is contemplated. Japanese food is one of the darlings in our country, with several adaptations and flavors.

As the meal is made with the hashi (the sticks proper to this cuisine), it is common to make a mess and end up dirtying the clothes, tablecloth and the upholstered chair with the shoyu sauce – used as additional spice to the dishes.

Today you will learn how to remove shoyu sauce stains from fabrics with 7 tips beyond practices. Check them out!

Shoyu sauce: a dash of oriental culture!

how to take off soy sauce stain

Japanese food began to gain more and more space (and fans) from the 80’s, when it was spread by the boom of specialized restaurants. Today, most cities have a Japanese restaurant and if you don’t love this cuisine, you certainly know someone who’s hallucinated by raw fish recipes.

Shoyu, the sauce that accompanies the dishes, is very common throughout Asia. It is made from soy and can also season other foods, such as meat. Its composition has caramel coloring – which causes a certain level of dirt.

The liquid can splashes on clothes and other fabrics, leaving several marquinhas dark. But you’ll soon know how to get stains out of shoyu sauce.

1. How do you remove shoyu sauce stains with cold water?

Were you eating a delicious sushi or preparing the special barbecue seasoning and making a mess? Spend cold water on the opposite side of the fabric. That way, you’ll have taken the first step on how to remove shoyu sauce stains and prevent permanent marks.

But we still have other tricks up our sleeves!

2. How to remove shoyu sauce stains using turnip?

how to take off soy sauce with turnip sauce

Have you ever thought about using turnip as a rubber? Know that a great way to get shoyu sauce stains off your clothes. Keep rubbing little pieces of the vegetable over the stained area, and the dirt will disappear like a kind of magic.

It didn’t work? We still have five more tips.

3. How to remove shoyu stains with lemon?

Lemon is an important cleaning agent. In a bowl, it mixes the fruit juice with hot water and a few drops of neutral detergent. Then just apply the mixture over the stain with the help of a clean cloth. When the stain comes out, finish washing normally.

In this case, it is very important that the piece dries in the shade well. In contact with the sun, the lemon can cause more stains. So keep an eye on it.

4. How to remove stain from clothes that have already dried?

If the clothes have dried and the stain is looking irreversible, take a deep breath and follow the steps below.

  • Fill a bucket with soap and water.
  • Soak the garment for 20 to 30 minutes;
  • Wash the garment normally.

With these simple instructions, you will soften the stain – which will come off easily during the common washing process.

5. How do I get shoyu stains out of the restaurant?

how to take off soy sauce stain

We know how hard it is to get shoyu stains out at the restaurant. But no panic. With a little bit of ginger – abundant in Japanese restaurants – you solve the problem.

Rub a piece of the ingredient on the stain and voilà: In a few minutes, the stain will be removed.

6. How do you take shoyu off the carpet?

If the mess happened at home and you want to know how to get shoyu sauce stains off the carpet, write down the ingredients:

  • 500 ml of water;
  • 1 tablespoon of neutral detergent.

Make a mixture with both and apply to the stain with the help of a clean cloth. With a dry cloth, give small beats, absorbing the dirt.

In these cases, however, the ideal is to have professional help. Mr. Cleaning Services cleans carpets with total efficiency, softening and eliminating difficult stains.

Our solution acts deeply on the fibers of the fabric, cleaning dust, body and animal residues, food remains, stains, odors and bacteria. Our professionals are trained and clean carefully, without damaging the carpet.

The service is done at home, with state-of-the-art equipment and international quality standards. In addition to sanitizing, it recovers the appearance of new carpet.

7. How to remove shoyu stains with ammonia?

Another trick to clean the shoyu stains is with ammonia. Use 1 tablespoon of the product in 125 ml of water and apply on the stain with a cloth. With another dry cloth, absorb the stain, giving it a gentle whipping.

Ammonia is a very strong substance. To avoid intoxication, use personal protective equipment such as gloves, mask and glasses.

Special care to clean stains

how to take off soy sauce stain

To finish the tips on how to remove shoyu stain, it is important to follow some extra care, which will improve the process of washing the tissues.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions

The label on clothes and fabrics generally comes with washing instruction symbols. There are all the manufacturer’s guidelines and it is essential to follow them carefully.

This way you will know whether or not the garment can be washed with warm water or dried in the sun, for example.

No exaggeration

Strength is not synonymous with cleanliness, so no rubbing too much on the fabric. Act gently, especially if the fabric is more fragile.

Otherwise, you get rid of the stain, but you get a frayed and irreversibly damaged fabric.

Test the recipes

Although these are home-made tricks, it is always best to test all the solutions on a small area of the fabric before doing the complete wash. This way, you check that there is no adverse reaction – which could worsen the overall condition of the garment.

The sooner the better

Time can be your ally or your enemy when it comes to cleanliness. The sooner you act, the better. As the sauce penetrates the fabric, it deteriorates the fibers, causing damage that can become permanent.

So whatever method you choose – homemade or professional – act quickly before the stain sets in on your clothes, furniture and tablecloths.

Have you learned how to remove stains from shoyu sauce? Tea is also a very common drink in Asian cultures. So take advantage and see tricks to remove tea stains from clothes!